Tradition is said to be the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to another. (Wikipedia) People in the Philippines from different places has different tradition. For Hanunuo Tribe, one of the seeven mangyan tribe in Mindoro, they tend to give an importance to the dead. For me, this kind of tradition is new to my knowledge.

While watching the documentary with my mother, she said that people in the province back to the days, for the lack of finance, they tend to bury the corpse just wrapped around a mat. She said it wasn’t new, but the tradition of Hanunuo is something to look forward to. I find it strange, that the tribe, for the 100th day of the dead, will be excavated, dressed up, (the bone filed in a natal position) and transferred to the cave they call “Puting bato”.

As for my spiritual belief, I don’t agree to such tradition. Nothing about it was written in the Bible, yet, maybe because it’s the only way that made them feel that they’re loved ones is back to them, they do it, and they pass this tradition. It was just alarming that they’re holding the bones without anything on their hands, it was disgusting to see to be honest.

But to sum it up, it shows the different color of the Filipino tradition. This is one of the gold tradition of the Hanunuo Tribe and if they feel like doing it, who are we to feel negative about it? Although it feels odd for us, for them it was their identity, it was their being and I do respect all the beliefs and customs every tribe has. It just feels so sad that if we can respect each other’s tradition, why do we keep having arguments about what to and not to believe?



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