The Royal Family

Down the deep blue sea lives a royal family. The father was the powerful in the reefs that no thugs, as in no thugs, can ever cross his line without being eaten. His name and his place were known as the peaceful among all reefs. He gives you chills in one look. He is Barracuda. His name was as scary as he is, but everyone says he’s a born king of sea. Until one day, he was crowned as the king. Everyone believed that he would be a cruel king; fishes don’t want another bloody monarchy in the sea.  But he said he will only shed a blood from fishes who will try to destroy his subordinates as well as the sea itself. But what the other fishes sees in him is said to be different from his family.

Barracuda has three grandchildren. Everyone has different characteristic. Stingray was funny a happy go lucky. Sharky was the most spoiled, in a way, she’s the only girl and everyone was scared of her, people used to say that she takes after her father. And the youngest is Stonefish, unlike his name, has soft heart and was advocated in building damaged corals for the future generations.

Barracuda might look frightening on the outside, but like everyone, he also has a soft spot on the inside. And that soft spot is his grandchildren. No one knows what the future holds for Stingray, Sharky and Stonefish but what’s sure about now is that the future depends on their grandfather’s reign.


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