“For those who loved without expecting anything in return.”


It was an old music to hear a concept of a guy bestfriend falling in love with his girl best friend and vice versa and then the feeling is not mutual, and so it will lead to a heartbreak etcetera. That’s why, I would like to commend the advertisement team of this product because it was like putting a bait that everyone else already know, that as if this concept would still work. But it did worked!

To speak about the shots, it was more than words. It was like a vtr of a real wedding or something, it just have that kind of vibe. The story of a girl and a boy meeting at a fast-food chain, ordering same foods. Then their story begins and they became best of friends, until the guy had a feeling for the girl and the plot twist at the end is that the audience might think that the voice over was kind of wedding vow, where in the guy shares their love story, it was so emotional but then it turned out that it was not a wedding vow, but a vow in within his soul, that even if he’s not the one she’s getting married with, he’s still there to be her best friend and that he’s happy seeing her happy.

No wonder, it became a fad especially in today’s world where ‘forever’ can trigger a debate and the guy ended up in a best friend zone. The message was clearly sent across the audiences. the value of it that says when you like someone, tell them before it’s too late, seize every moment with the one you love and that you should be happy for someone else’s happiness, even if it means giving up your own happiness. It has a sad ending, as all of us were rooting for the guy, but this type of advertisement strategy is smart as it reflects the youth of today as well as the simplicity in life.


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