For the everlasting love

“Para sa pagmamahalang walang katapusan.”

For the everlasting love, it says. The story was about a kid preparing for a date and moving according to his father’s voice. He prepared a table and a bouquet of flower for his mother. And when his mom appeared with teary eyes, he led her to the table and shown her a video of his father saying, “Sorry, I am not able to make it.” That sentence broke millions of hearts.

What hurts more than being left by your everlasting love? The question that keeps going in my mind is what hurts the most, leaving or being left? For me it was being left, because you get to live with the memories of the yesterday, mixed with pain and loneliness, suffering above the depression. But what hurts the most is when the one who left can never come back. That the love they had, had been apart by death. So I salute the one who made the concept, it was heartwarming that even if it talks about the loss of someone, it justifies that the love still lives on.


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