World’s Judgement

The world is full of judgement,
 It makes you wonder how you're not good enough at everything,
 Let you begin on questioning your own worth,
 Let you feel down about the changes you cannot resist,
 Let you struggle with just one single thing.
 But as the world's judgement get into you,
 There is something in yourself that you can never explain,
 Something that builds inside you,
 Which is you.
 The world may seem to be judgmental,
 But the world needs help too.
 The world judges because it was being judged.
 The world is the people
 The world is us.
 What you feel is what other people feel too.
 It's just in the way, on how people handle their foe.
 You cry, and keep it inside,
 While others fight, and let it all out.
 People love even if there's no love in return,
 People hate, because there's no love in return.
 People laugh, because they are hurting inside,
 People cry, because they are hurting inside.
 People are mean, because other people are mean,
 People are kind, because other people are mean.
 The world is maybe full of judgement,
 But the world needs help too.
 And by means of the "World",
 It means, "You".

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