Mr. Amari Soul

#ReflectionsOfAManII – “Don’t let the opinions of the blind and the foolish cause you to doubt your own worth. My dear, Beautiful, Strong Woman… you will always be worth it.” – Mr. Amari Soul


He who always have the right words. 

I had a 2am thought last night, I asked myself, “Am I not worth it?”

He’s the kind of guy who everyone adores.

But never uses his charm to be a womanizer.

He has a big heart for his family.

A God fearing man.

I like him. And it’s a one sided thing.

He’s beginning to have a thing with someone and it hurts me for what reason I cannot distinguish.

Why on earth does one sided love occurs?

So I had a 2am thought, I asked myself if I am not worth his attention.

Because if he’s looking for the right girl, then I’m willing to be that right one.

If he’s looking for something classy, I’m willing to control my dork side.

Yet I am always reminding myself to always be “yourself”.

I have such a messy mind.

And a messy life.


Maybe that’s the reason why.


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