Saddest vow

Look at her eyes,
the way it will sparkle down the aisle.
Her long pastry dress were nothing but the best,
She’ll be the most beautiful woman in the entire place.

Look at his eyes,
the way it hids the pain,
His coat is so black like he want to go back,
To the darkest moment of this night, he wants to go black.

Look at her smiles,
The way she shows her complete set of teeth,
With chateu lipstick which reflects intensity,
This is the day she long wait,
This is the day, she’ll finally be married.

Look at his smile,
It was obviously faked.
With cracked lips, you know it’s heart break.
This is the day he never wait,
This is the day, he’ll play the music for his greatest love’s wake.

Look at her feet,
As it step on that volkswagen,
She was so excited, she smiles again.
Never did she know that she will never reach the chapel,
On her way, there comes a reckless driver,
That ends up to her, not making it through the white castle.


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