To take a stand or to wait, that is the question.

Missing. Coming back. Here we go again.
If a person keeps on appearing, disappearing and re-appearing, is he worth the attention?
He’ll be there, then he’ll be gone. He’ll be missed, yet there’ll be no sign of him.
Is that called ‘Playing’? ‘Cause if it was, then GOOD GAME, WELL PLAYED.
They said girls should not always be after boys. Pride is getting into the way. Should you chase him or should you let him go.
Is he worth the pain, or is he just a game?

Will you invest feelings for someone like that?

Or should you just forget about that asshøle, forget all the memories, and move forward?

For someone who were hurt long before.. is it worth the risk to fall in love truly? Or take a stand and wait freely?

▪ Kuh-reign 💕


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