Memories we'll keep and soon will story tell to our 
little own selves.

So I came up to this photo to be my entry in here, I don’t know why, maybe because there’s a lot going on in my circle of friends lately. I came up to a conclusion about friendship somehow. Just before this, I started having trauma in belonging to someone’s circle of friends, or creating a circle of friends. When I was in elementary, I only have my girl best friend, My stay in elementary was not very memorable not until I had my own circle of friends when I was in Grade six. Graduating year, yet the only year I remember for having friends to hangout with. The rest of the years I spent in elementary were all about the competition. I feel a lot of pressure, to stay in the star section and to maintain high grades. I thought it would help me to grow if I would stay in the top class. I was wrong. Some students in the top class were eliminated and was sent to lower section. I was one of those who were eliminated. I felt bad. I felt really bad. From the first section, I was sent to one of the lowern section. It was still a competition for me. I am still in ‘that’ battlefield. Yet I was wrong. Again. I have learned about friendship. I have learned about having fun. I never knew that it was possible to have more friends. To have people looking out for you. Even to have people confessing feelings for you. It was funny, but it was all new to me. It was all new to someone like me from the battlefield of learning. Chill. That’s one of a word that I never felt. Not until the sixth grade. Yet my first heartbreak. My first heartbreak from my very first circle of friends. When I went to high school, I had my second circle of friends. We were seven and we all have different characteristics that just simply complements each and one of us. Yet my second heartbreak. We all got into fight and I was the reason. I know I am because they all still stick together while I stick out of went out of the circle. Maybe friendship doesn’t just suit me that well. Maybe friendship isn’t my thing. Then I got to meet my third circle of friends. The friends I know that I will keep forever. But we all need to separate ways in college. Different schools, different courses. But it was alright, we all still keep in touch and i know they are my forever buddies. I thought the word friendship would be harsh on me. But it was not at all. I have had heartaches on friendship too in my stay in college. I know there will be a lot more of heartaches, but the important thing is, I have ya’ll in my back. That you guys won’t ever stab me. That you guys won’t even put a hate on me. That you guys would always be there for me. I love you all to death even if I don’t always say it. I love you all and you guys will be my forever treasure in life. ♥

Love, WanGee-Kuhreign ♥


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