Rants of a Kpop fan

All of the kpop fans will relate to this for sure.

People often misunderstand us for stanning a group who can’t even speak in english. (some groups can communicate well in english, but a lot can’t.)

The thing here is, we are being judged for liking a group who can’t even understand us. Or us not even understanding them without subtitles. They were koreans, yes. They speak hanggul, yes. They were into make ups, yes. And some even do surgeries, yes. But narrow minded people won’t ever understand that NOT ALL KPOP STARS do surgeries.

A lot of them were pretty and handsome with or without make up. Koreans have natural white skin, the weather in their country is one of the reason. Kpop fans always have to deal with those question so I come up with the answer, even the question can be answered by a ‘common sense’.

Do you understand the lyrics? ‘ Music is a universal language. Sometimes, the rhythm speaks in behalf of the lyrics. But ofcourse, some people won’t take that answer. Kpop fans listens to the song, and we would look up on the internet to what does it says. What it means, and what it conveys.

They don’t even know you exist. ‘ Liking a kpop group were the same as you liking The Chainsmokers, One direction, Little Mix, Selena G, Justin B, Taylor Swift etc. Itdoesn’t necessarily mean that to stan them is to be a sasaeng and cross the boarders just for them to know us. We are fans, we protect and support them.

You went to their concert, but you were too far. It’s no fun. ‘ Maybe for you it was not fun, but for us kpop fans, as long as we step inside the venue, hear their voices and see them perform live even from the farthest side of the venue would mean a lot to us. As long as we are there, supporting them like crazy, waving a lightstick, and being a part of that certain ocean, it would mean A LOT.

‘ They’ll get married. ‘ Yes, they will. It was their own choice of happiness. It was a personal matter. It was their personal life. Even us needs to settle down in the future, get married and live a life. So, yes, they’ll get married and we don’t have a problem with that. We are fans, we know our limitation and that limitation starts when it comes to their personal matters.

× × × × × × ×

We are kpop fans. We might have different taste in music and we’re into kpop, we are still ‘that’ type of fans. Crazy, out going, naughty. We support our biases in anyway we can. We build fandoms and strengthens it to be united as one. We are family. Even if we stan different kpop groups, the thing that stand outs the most is that we have the same taste in music. Please don’t look down on us. We may look all happy in the outside, but you will never know how suicidal someone’s thought can be on the inside and that their only escape is kpop.

We all have our own ‘trip’ in life. If you can’t keep up with us, then much better if you’ll not just argue with us. Kpop fans for me are the most especial type of fans. We face heartbreaks when someone leaves. We face heart races whenever subs comes out. We face challenges to spazz or not to spazz. We take risks to stan or not to stan. But most especial, kpop makes our heart stronger, our social interactions much better, and our personality much better. So never belittle us. And p.s. We often speak in hanggul, not in ching chang chong.

Love, Kuh-reign 💕


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